Saturday, September 10, 2011


Mama so proud . . . Ethan scored his first touchdown today! Pretty impressive when he's one of the smallest on the team. The ball was pitched to him and the little guy just plowed over and through anything that stood in his way of the end zone. TOUCHDOWN!!! So proud of my #20!

Last April we signed Ethan up for tackle football not realizing what we were really signing ourselves up for. We were invited to the parent meeting to meet the coaches and the other boys on the team in August and WOWZERS! This team of 9 year olds practice four nights a week for two hours and then a game on Saturdays. They are worked over and over and drilled to the bone by the coaches until they get it right. We had no clue just how intense this football program was. Chad said that Ethan's team was learning plays that he didn't even learn until he was in high school where we grew up in Canada.

Ethan was pretty funny when after a week of practice he flexed his bicep and asked me if his muscles were getting bigger. Yes, Ethan may be small but he sure packs a punch when it comes to tackling. One night we showed up 30 minutes before practice ended and Coach Dean was having the boys practice their tackling skills. Each time Ethan would mow his teammate down with no problem. One particular tackle Ethan did it with such force that the poor kid running the ball had no chance. Coach pulled Ethan to the side and bent down to Ethan's height. Uh-oh, I thought Ethan was soon to get a scolding but no, the coach broke out into a yell "WHO HITS HARD?!" and Ethan echoed back "I HIT HARD" while pounding his chest with his fists. This went on for a good 20 seconds them going back and forth "WHO HITS HARD?!", "I HIT HARD!". It was pretty cute. I sure wish I had it on video. Today was game 2 for the Green Zebras and they are 2 and 0. We're on a winning streak and we hope it lasts all season!