Wednesday, March 26, 2008


What a busy and eventful weekend it was! Saturday we had a Easter Egg Hunt put on by some friends from the Bayonne, NJ Branch. The kids loved every minute of it. We went a little bit early for lunch with everyone at the park and then took the kids to the nearby portico so that Easter treats could be hid for the children. This consisted of three different roped off areas for three different age groups. Hordes of candy and chocolate where thrown everywhere for the children to find. As you can see, my children did very well. Actually all the children did very well. You should have seen the amount of Easter goodies there were. Well done and a HUGE thank you to the Johnson family! After the egg hunt we all headed back up to the portico for a puppet show put on by the senior sister missionaries. Afterwards they let the children play with the puppets which Edyn loved.

We then headed home to get ready for a farewell dinner for the Scott family. A family we are very close to and are not very happy about them leaving at all. But we do wish them well and hope they know that they will be extremely missed! That night stayed up until 1:30 am preparing food for the Visiting Teaching Conference that was to be held the next day. Then much to my dismay was woken up by Ethan at 6:30am as he could no longer contain his Easter excitement. So the kids opened their baskets and enjoyed another Easter Egg Hunt. Went to Church, finished the VT Conference (which I think went very smoothly - thank you everyone who helped!) and then off to some friends for an Easter Dinner. Got home around 10:30pm and I'd say we are now officially POOPED!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Edyn! Edyn! Edyn . . . say CHEESE!

Edyn is such a stinker when it comes to taking her picture. You can never get her attention, she never smiles and she usually ends up giving you attitude. You'll see what I mean in this most recent attempt to capture a good picture.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Honestly! What is Wrong with Jersey Drivers!

So I picked Ethan up from school and we had pulled up to a red light. I needed to turn right to head home but was not able to turn because of a big sign that says "NO TURN ON RED". Not a problem so I waited. The light finally turns green and now I'm not able to go because I have a crossing guard stopping me and parents and children crossing the street. Not a problem either. However, the PROBLEM is the lady behind me constantly honking her horn because I'm not going. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Am I supposed to just ignore the crossing guard and plow everyone over! This is NOT a bowling alley!

But get this, after honking and not seeing me move she decides that she will pull out of the lane and go around me to turn right. By then I was totally peeved! Good thing she decided that she had to stop her car right beside me to stare me down for a bit. Well, really she had NO choice but to stop! So in that short moment, I took that time to aggressively point at her and then point at the crossing guard that she was about to run over. Hmmmmm, maybe I was being too nice. I hope she knows that she looked like a fool not only because she had to wait for me and a couple of others to go but remember, she had pulled out into the lane that was going straight and was now holding them up. I'm sure she didn't learn a thing and will do the same thing tomorrow.

Alright America! You ALMOST Got It Right.

Buh Bye, Danny! Finally! So glad to see this chap finally get booted. But tell me . . . Why is Amanda still here?

I really don't get it, especially the judges. She is NOT "Fantastic!" Simon. Yes, she can move and gives a good performance but where is the voice? It is AWFUL!

Now on to better things. Brooke White! I wasn't really rooting for anyone until Brooke's last performance. Oh my word, when she sang "Love is a Battlefield" I was goosebumped! It was incredible and I loved that she sang it only to guitar. Here's to Brooke as one of the finalists!

SORRY . . . you'll first have to go to the bottom of my blog and pause the music to be able to listen to this clip.

You Couldn't Get Ethan to School Fast Enuff!

If you know anything about Ethan, one of his favorite things is his pj's. He is well known for coming home and wasting no time at all changing from his day clothes to his pajamas. He even has meltdowns when it's time to go out anywhere and he is told that he has to remove the pj's and put on some jeans. Well, this week at school they have been talking about camping and sleeping outside. A note came home a few days ago informing the parents that the kids would be able to go to school on Friday wearing their pajamas because they were going to have a sleep out and cook S'mores. Ethan has been so excited about this day and has bugged me constantly with the question "How many days now until we can wear our pajamas to school." This question would even be repeated every couple of hours. So the day has finally arrived and Ethan woke up at 6 am calling out "MOM! How come you haven't gotten me dressed for school yet!". Ugggghhhhh, I don't think that boy is ever going to sleep in! So above is a picture of a very HAPPY Ethan heading to school in his pajamas.

That's about the extent of the School Yard, and the funny thing is . . . they don't even get to play in it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


For all you OFFICE lovers, since "The Office" won't be back until April 10th, here's a clip that makes me giggle every time!

SORRY . . . you'll first have to go to the bottom of my blog and pause the music to be able to listen to this clip.