Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Rant for Jersey Drivers!

Uggggghhhhhh! Driver's here in Jersey City are so frustrating! Yes, I know, I rant about this often but it is well deserved! So today I drop my kids off at school and am driving home and pedestrians are wanting to cross (well, they are practically already half-way out into the road. If you live in Jersey you know what I mean.) So I stop my car and let them cross. And guess what?! The guy behind me is driving so close that he has to slam on his brakes. He then starts honking, shaking his fist and I'm sure saying some really nice words. I really don't get it? Am I missing something here? Am I supposed to hit the pedestrians because I don't remember reading that when I studied for my driver's test!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Half Marathon, Here I Come!

Surprised by the title? You should be if you remember this post I did last November, saying "I should never touch a marathon as long as I live." What happened?! I honestly don't know. One minute I'm completely AGAINST running it and then give me a week and I'm telling you that I'm thinking about it. After hearing this, Kaycee immediately saw an opening and **BOOM** she was messing with my head and convincing me that I could do this! That I really could finish a half marathon. I am such a weak person - I caved and now here I am training for a marathon. So why am I telling you all about this? Well, I figure that the more people I tell and that account me for it the more reason I have not to back out. It would be pretty embarrassing. Oh, and losing the pounds is certainly a great bonus (you can see my progress at the bottom of our blog as I go along). I think that above all, what I'm most excited about is the possiblity of crossing the finish line and saying "I DID IT! I REALLY DID IT!".

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Apparently, My Decorating Sucks

I know I'm not the best decorator in the world but I didn't think I was that bad. So I get this email today that, well, let's just say made me think that maybe I really don't know what I'm doing. Anyhoo, really I don't care but I thought it was kind of funny that this lady took the time (and it looks like it might have been an all day project for her) to show me how it is done even though she might have not been as tactful as I would have liked. Hope you enjoy! LOL.

Hi, your house is nice but needs some color on the walls. Just to white. The three bowls in the hutch should be in the middle. Looks to empty and you have everything on one shelf inside and out. Also I think a few rugs would warm it up a little. Get a black and tan piece of material and make a square tablecloth along with the bowl and maybe put a candle on the table with it put an old book on the desk with some old glasses. Hang the board that you have on that black cupboard on the wall. Put the firkin buckets on the floor. They are to cool. Put a candle in the white ladle thing you have in there also and put that on the table. Take that ladder out of there and make your own or buy one that you put throws on. Or you could put different color material pieces folded and put on the ladder. Put that throw on your couch and get a few pillows. Put the lantern on one side of the white shelf where that little candle is, move the candle over and put one of the jars on the shelf, put closer to the back of it. Get a grungy doll to put on the chair and hang a wreath or star from the top. Get some mini blinds and valance. Get rid of those ugly curtains or open them up and put a wreath in the window. That entertainment center is god awful. Paint the whole thing cottage red and sand the edges and get some material, rip the pieces to fit about 3 inches small then the shelves. Ripping it will give it a little fringe look. Put the shutter where that awful ladder is and put the grapevine wreath on it and the star where the wreath is move the shelf down so it is eye level and put the sign about 4 inches higher than the wooden spindles. You could put that basket on that chair for now and put the jar that is on that shelf by the doll next to the red garden cart thing, put the jar on one side and the red carrier on the other side. Well, these are just a few things that I think would add a little to your house. Hope you don't mind the input. I love to decorate. Have a good one.

Oh, if you are wondering how this lady knew what my apartment even looked like, I have pictures of our place on my website to give customers ideas on what to do with some of the items I sell. Looks like I have some rearranging to do! LOL.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Distinguished OR Just Plain Ugly?!

Seriously Chad, it's not working for you! LOL. So my wonderful hubby, after Christmas morning was said and done, he meandered off to the bathroom and decided it was time for a shave. Well, as you can see by the photos he thought it best that a "stache" should remain. Really?! Honestly, really?! Immediately Chad could feel the non-approval of his wife but no matter, he thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. No matter how much I protested, and believe me it was often, he kept it for a few days. Well honey, since you thought it was the coolest thing ever i'm plastering it on our blog for all to see!

*** ATTENTION TO All ***
Dr. William Chad Wolff, DDS
Will soon be open for business. Ha, ha!

(Oh, and get this. He actually wants to use one of the many moustache photos we took for his graduation picture.
Ummmm, this is really getting out of hand!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ooops, forgot to post Ethan's School Concert

Ethan had been practicing for months with his school choir for their Christmas program. For the months of November and December you could count on Ethan coming home from school and singing all kinds of Christmas and Hanukkah songs until he was blue in the face. I'd even find myself waking up in the middle of the night with the silly songs on my mind. Well, his Christmas program came and he was so cute with his little santa hat and no front teeth. He sang really well and we were so proud of him. Edyn on the other hand was sitting a few rows beside and in front of us and the whole time had no idea that we were even there. It was fun to see her interact with her little preschool friends and not even know that mommy and daddy were watching.

Christmas in Massachussetts

Because plane tickets were so insanely expensive to head home to Canada for Christmas we decided to spend Christmas with our friends the Leishman's and Hafen's at a Time Share in Massachussetts for a week. It was a lot of fun with night after night of staying up waaaayyyyy too late, snow for sledding and fort building, swimming, yummy food and treats all around.

Here's the snowfort that was built the first day we were there. Ethan was so excited to finally have snow to play in that he stayed out until he really couldn't move anymore.

Here's Edyn loving the snow and she lasted much longer than I thought she would. When she came in she had the pinkest legs ever. No wonder why she lasted so long. She couldn't feel her legs anymore!

Everyone had a blast sledding. Chad had gone to a few stores in the area and every one of them were completely sold out of sleds. So the next best thing . . . a shovel and Ethan's body boards for swimming. They actually worked out really well for them. Almost a little too well! LOL.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rudolph visits the Wolffs

I was flipping through a magazine at the doctor's office while Edyn was waiting for her shots (yup, this poor girl just isn't getting any breaks lately) and found this cute recipe for Rudolph cookies. We decided to make a bunch and the kids could take them to their friends at school before Christmas break. I think they turned out pretty cute and by the sounds of it all the school kids polished them off. Cookie making couldn't be any easier!

I'm not sure if Edyn enjoyed helping make the cookies or eating the treats more. Hmmmm, pictures say a thousand words! LOL.

Oh, and we were ever so blessed to have the presence of a Star Wars Storm Trooper in case things got out of hand.

Brooklyn's Christmas Lights

WOW! I am so behind on posting it's ridiculous! I know it's no longer the season but this really does deserve mention. Around the middle of December, Chad had called us from school and told us that his last patient cancelled and that he'd be done at 6pm. So he had the idea of heading into Brooklyn (Dyker Heights) and checking out the famous "Miracle Mile" Christmas lights for FHE.

"Every year the residents of the largely Italian-American Dyker Heights, in the southwest corner of Brooklyn, convert their front porches and yards into extravagant Christmas light displays. The "miracle mile" of outer borough Christmas lights can be found on 84th Street between 10th and 12th Avenues. Each year, as many as 100,000 visitors trek along to the Heights to see everything from large-scale Disney balloons to neon-lit manger scenes to mall Santas to a monumental Santa and toy soldiers."

The kids and I jumped into the car and headed into the city to pick up Chad. Thank you GPS!! (You made my drive into NYC a little less stressful.) We picked Chad up at Washington Square Park, right in front of Will Smith's home in the movie "I am Legend" then drove over to Brooklyn. Now I do have to admit, that I never in a million years expected to see what we saw! Let's just say that Brooklyn has taken Christmas Decorating to a whole other level. It was insane. When we arrived we found this bus trying to drive it's sight-seeing passengers around the neighborhood and had found itself completely high centered. The second to last set of tires were totally off of the ground and had scraped up the road pretty bad. That bus was going nowhere. Other than that, there were just lights and lights and more lights. When we were all finished we headed into Manhattan to the famous LOMBARDI'S for dinner and then capped the night off with yummy PINKBERRY. I'd say Family Home Evening was a success!