Monday, July 28, 2008

Won't Be Complaining Anymore!

Geeeeesh, what a day! So it was time to get Edyn all updated on her shots as well as getting the required ones before she heads to school in the fall! It was kind of nice that she had no clue what we were doing as the last time she had shots was 3 years ago so she has no memory whatsoever. Anyway, we have no benefits because they are tooooooo expensive so we have been using our Canadian ones while we have lived here. Not the greatest way to do it as we have to pay for our visits with cash and then submit the claim to Canada and wait for a reimbursement. Now, since Canada's Heath program is very inexpensive they only cover the amount that it would cost to do the same thing in Canada. So a shot here in the US may cost $40 where in Canada it's $10. So we will only get $10 back. So needless to say . . . my kids don't go to the doctor very often. Well, we ended up being at the doctor's office for almost two hours (which is completely ridiculous with my active Ethan) and our lovely visit cost of $175. I was stunned! I've been so used to going to the doctor's office in Canada (which the wait time is probably the same) and when finished just walking out the door knowing that our Alberta Health plan (which is very cheap) will cover the services used. So it leads me to wonder why I ever complained about Alberta Health Care in the first place?! So the doctor had more shots on his list to give Edyn but didn't want to overwhelm her so he only gave her half of them. We have to go back in a month for the rest and wouldn't be surprised if it ends up costing the same. So about $400 later I might as well have bought her a plane ticket and shipped her off to Canada for free shots! It's kind of crazy if you think about it that way!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Edyn Says The Darndest Things

This morning as we were getting ready for church, Edyn was in the bath tub and as I was washing her hair I asked her the question "Are you going to primary today?". Now the reason I posed this question was to somewhat prepare her for going today. The last month or so when Sacrament was over and it was time to head to classes she immediately started crying and saying "NO primary! NO primary!" and it ended up being quite the struggle. So today I decided to try and prepare her for it by talking about it and saying how much fun it was going to be. Well her response isn't exactly what I expected. So after asking "Are you going to primary today?" she started to shake her head and exclaimed "NO Jesus! NO Jesus!". All I could do was giggle. Not the best way to react when you are trying to teach something to your child but I'm sorry, it was waaaayyyyy too cute.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Crazy Love! Yup, another post for SYTYCD!

With family and friends here the past month I've missed so much of my "So You Think You Can Dance"! Thank goodness I was able to see the results show so I could at least catch a few of the snippets of replays that they show of each of the dances. So that led me to youtube to see if I could find the entire dances. I saw a snippet of Katee and Twitch dancing contemporary on the results show and had to find it. Boy, was I NOT disappointed! I absolutely loved it! My favorite part is when the banging on the door stops for a moment and Twitch thinks Katee has left. He opens the door only to find her completely hanging onto it! I wouldn't be surprised if these two were still standing at the final 3 or 4!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not 2 Celebrities BUT 4!

Well, actually it would be 6 if you count Regis and Kelly. So my sister, Shaneen, and I had tickets to go and see "Live with Regis and Kelly" last week and it was really fun. We were able to see Kyra Sedgwick and Bernadette Peters.

During commercial breaks Regis and Kelly instead of just sitting in their chairs waiting for their que they would actually come up into the crowd and shake hands, tell jokes, and just have a conversation with us. I thought that was pretty cool that they did that. I couldn't believe just how tiny Kelly was and talk about ripped. I swear, she spends 5 hours at the gym each day. When the taping was finished Gellman announced that we were going to have a celebrity surprise. So really, what happened was that the next day was their High Heelathon and they would be spending most of their air time in Central park. Because of this they needed to pretape their celebrities and pretend that the next day they were actually speaking to them but really they were driving to Central park for the race. Heck, we didn't mind! That meant two more celebrities for us! So we got to see Brendan Fraser and Benjamin Bratt.

After that we then did a pretaping of the first 15 minutes of August 18th's show where they talk about things going on in the world and do their trivia and trip giveaway. They never did tell us why they did that. Anyhoo, we came home and the kids were so excited because they had seen us on tv! Here's a few pictures I took while we were there. Sorry if some are blurry. It was really hard to get a good picture when I zoomed in as much as I did.

Friday, July 11, 2008

This SYTYCD solo was absolutely INSANE!

I thought Twitch's solo performance to try and stay in the competition was CRAZY! Because of Youtube's quality it's hard to see how intricate his moves are but he definately went all out as you can see by how winded he is at the end of it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Chilling Performance - In a Good Way

Here's my last week's favorite for "So You Think You Can Dance". NO surprise here . . . it's Katee and Joshua! Last week's performances were alright but this definately was the one that topped the cake! It was one of those dances that I had chills as soon as their first move and never left until they were done and no matter how many times I watch it I still get them. Yup, I know, I'm a geek! There is so many good pairs this season and when it comes time, I don't think I'll like them changing up the couples. Oh well, I guess that's just how it goes.