Friday, May 23, 2008


Lately it seems my life revolves around parking! I'm so tired of trying to find a spot to park where I won't get a ticket. So today, and the reason I'm bringing this up, is because I'm sooooo stinkin' mad right now and need to get it off my chest or it's going to pester me all day, maybe for a few days!

So we have a family moving out of our ward today and they had a ton of food that they weren't planning on taking with them so I told they that I would take care of it and make sure it got to someone who needed it. So this morning I head out to drop the food off. When I get to the home of the family I think needs it there is nowhere to park and I really can't park too far away because the box weighs a ton and it's kind of hard to carry that and make sure that Edyn stays close by. So I pull up to the house and park right on the corner. Yes, I know I'm not supposed to park there but what do I do when there is nowhere to park and I'm carrying a ton of stuff. So I do it anyway, get Edyn out, unload the food and try and make it through the front door without dropping the food. The inside door is locked and so I call the family to have them let me in. This is 9:26 a.m. So I take the food upstairs and really I should have gone back down to move the car but the mom of the family wanted to chat and get some things off her chest. So no problem except that I've forgotten about my car problem. So I stay for awhile and 10:15am rolls around and I hear the street cleaner outside her window. CRUD! I'm just hoping that it isn't for the street that I am parked on. So I gather my stuff and Edyn and we say our goodbyes and the whole time I'm hoping that there is no ticket on my car. Get outside and sure enough I've got a ticket. WAIT A MINUTE! I've got two tickets on my van! Grabbed them and guess what! They were given at two different times. The first was at 9:26am (which if you remember me already noting that it was 9:26 when I let myself in the first door and called the family to let me into the second door) and this ticket was for parking too close to the cross walk . . . $54. So, did this ticket giver watch me park, watch me struggle with my daughter and the enormous box of food and then show no mercy and plop a nice little ticket on my van? Or am I just that unlucky! The second ticket ($42), even though I hate to admit it, but I did deserve it as I didn't pay attention to the signs and the times of street cleaning! But honestly Jersey City, you don't need to clean the same side of street twice a week! Uuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhh! This has royally peeved me since we first moved here. I know there is nothing I can do about it except for continually struggle to find a parking spot where I won't get dinged. It just really bites that I had the intention of doing something nice for someone this morning and now it's going to go down as a bad experience. And yes, I do know I was in the wrong but I still am mad about it! Oh and one last word for Jersey City, why don't you use the ticket money I've given you over the past 3 years and fix your pothole roads! OK-I feel a little better.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Since we've potty trained Edyn I really haven't taken the time to really teach her how to get on the big potty by herself. I'm usually the one that takes her in there and lifts her up to plop her down on the toilet. This has become rather annoying as when she desperately says "pee, pee!" I've got to drop whatever I'm doing immediately and attend to her. So the other day, to my surprise, I was in the kitchen making dinner and saw the light on in the bathroom and thought I had heard someone playing around in there. I dried my hands off and walked to the bathroom door to find Edyn, with her pants down to her ankles and the step stool scooted up to the toilet. As soon as she saw me, the biggest grin came over her face and while raising her arms up in the air she exclaimed in delight "TA DA!". Just one of those moments that melt your heart.