Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

I can't even remember the last time we had family photos done. I think it was when Edyn was one. Here she is 6 years old and we finally decided it was time! When we were in Utah at my sister's, Shaneen, we talked them into taking our photos and we would take theirs. Not a bad exchange I would say.

Here's a few that we came up with. I really need to take a photoshop class or something as my photo-shopping skills are NOT that good. But they did turn out better than the original photo . . . well, at least I think so. I'm so happy that I won't be stressed at Christmas time trying to search for a family photo for our Christmas cards that usually doesn't even exist!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Visit to Utah

It seems like the last few trips we've taken to Utah have been pretty short trips. The day we drive there, the day we spend there, and the day we drive back. That doesn't leave too much time to do very much. This last trip we went because it was my temple square mission reunion, held every 5 years, and the last one I had been to was right after I had gotten home from the mission and don't even think I'm going to tell you when that was! We thought since we were going to that we might as well stick around and try and get into the conference center for General Conference. That was a huge fail but we still were able to go to the old Tabernacle and sit on the front row and be able to watch conference on the big screen. Even though we weren't in the big conference center it was still special and we really enjoyed it. We might even make it an annual occurrence.

Church stuff aside, we were able to spend some time with Shaneen and Bryn and the kids. We headed over to Gardner Village to check out all the Halloween decorations and all the cute shops. Oh, how I would love to have a little shop over there. So here is some pictures of our little adventure with the witches!

School Pictures - A Success!

Let's admit it, school pictures are usually not the greatest when it comes to taking a nice photo of our kids. One year Ethan came home with his school photos only to find food was stuck in his teeth for his lovely smile. Another year, Ethan's teacher had buttoned up his shirt but had skipped a button so his shirt was bunched up. Edyn, well, she was a bawling mess in hers - blood shot eyes and a tear streaked face. I don't know why it is so hard for my kids to take a good school picture but it just is.

This year brings good news! I think the bad school photo plague has been broken! I couldn't have been happier with my kids photos this year (well, except for Edyn looks a little freaky in the eyes, but I'm not going to push it). Let's just hope that this trend doesn't stop short any time soon.

A Handy Hubby

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from Chad asking if he could pick out his birthday present early. After telling me he found an amazing deal on a saw (as if I would even know if it was a deal or not!) I hummed and hawed and then told him to go ahead and purchase it while secretly I was jumping up and down because I didn't have to figure out what to get the old boy for his birthday! Oh, how I love these kind of gifts.

Well, the birthday gift came home and didn't sit still for long. Chad immediately set up shop in one of the garages and already started on building a coffin that would hold Ethan for our Halloween cemetery set up in the front yard. I don't know how he does it but this man of mine just happened to figure out the dimensions and measurements by just staring at a blank piece of paper, happened to get right to work, and just happened to make the most amazing Halloween coffin ever! Here it is a week later and he mentions to me he's got the itch to build something else. Well, my dear, let me just go and grab my list! Have I mentioned how much I love my Handy Hubby! Go ahead, tell me you aren't drooling over this coffin!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ethan's Flag Football Season

I'm sad to report that Ethan's last flag football game was last Thursday night. Going into it I wasn't too sure how Ethan would like it as he really hadn't ever played anything like it before and I wasn't too sure how fast he would catch on to the rules, etc. Well, as it turned out, I really had nothing to worry about. He absolutely loved it! Last night he scored a touchdown and was so cute doing it. He was well ahead of everyone and yards before his touchdown you could see his HUGE grin start creeping from ear to ear. It was like he was thinking "I'm going to make a touchdown, nobody can touch me, I'm the man!" Now if that isn't adorable I don't know what is.

The video Chad captured of Ethan playing was a few games ago and Ethan was playing really good and pretty aggressive that the opposing team had put a couple of boys on him to try and stop him and get him all flustered. I thought it was pretty funny how chippy these little boys were starting to get with each other. I'm actually pretty excited for this sport to become a part of this family. Really, who doesn't want to be a football mom?!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Just Don't Understand

So here goes my little RANT for the day . . . We signed Ethan up for a flag football league that our little town decided to start up this year. He has absolutely loved it. In fact, the majority of the community seems to have enjoyed it as they have had quite a great response in those wanting to participate. Because our little town does not have a football field or sports arena, practices and games have been held in a small subdivision that has a large and well kept grass area that has been perfect for these young boys.

Two nights a week for one hour we all cheer on our boys as they learn a great sport and get some exercise. This lasted about a month before we were informed that the location was changing due to complaints from the Home Owner's Association for the subdivision. REALLY?! What do you have to complain about? Yes, the sides of the road are full during football but only two nights a week for ONE hour! Oh, and since when do you need to park on the side of the road . . . you have a garage or two! Too loud? It's hardly any louder than the kids next door playing in their backyard! For a community that cries that there is nothing for their youth to do in our small town to keep them out of trouble, why do you feel the need to cry and complain when something has been provided?! Seriously, I just DON'T understand.