Friday, May 16, 2008


Since we've potty trained Edyn I really haven't taken the time to really teach her how to get on the big potty by herself. I'm usually the one that takes her in there and lifts her up to plop her down on the toilet. This has become rather annoying as when she desperately says "pee, pee!" I've got to drop whatever I'm doing immediately and attend to her. So the other day, to my surprise, I was in the kitchen making dinner and saw the light on in the bathroom and thought I had heard someone playing around in there. I dried my hands off and walked to the bathroom door to find Edyn, with her pants down to her ankles and the step stool scooted up to the toilet. As soon as she saw me, the biggest grin came over her face and while raising her arms up in the air she exclaimed in delight "TA DA!". Just one of those moments that melt your heart.


Maile said...

Yeah, Edyn! What a cutie!!

mistieleigh said...

I love her!!!!