Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Foliage in Vermont

We've been up to so much that I'm really behind on posting where we have been travelling as of late. During the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving we heard that it was the perfect time to check out the Fall Foliage in Vermont. So we decided to make the trip and we are sure glad we did! It was absolutely beautiful.

One week prior I had tried to book a hotel and to my surprise every hotel was completely full for that weekend. I guess it is a popular time for all tourists. So we decided to drive half way on Friday and stay in Connecticut and got ourselves a 3-star hotel for $50 a night (thank you hotwire!). The next morning we headed out bright and early for the two hour drive to Sharon Vermont, the birth place of Joseph Smith. The drive was breathtaking as we watched tree after tree in bright hues of red, brown, green, orange and yellow. We arrived at the visitor's center of Joseph Smith's birthplace and had a wonderful tour by a senior couple. The Elder was so full of knowledge and history and Chad just gobbled it all up. We then went out to view the granite monument which stands 38 1/2 feet tall (representing each year of Joseph's life) and weighs 40 tons. It was dedicated on the 100th anniversary of Joseph's birth. The shaft was sculpted from a single granite block quarried in Barre, Vermont, and is one of the largest polished shafts in the world. It was an interesting granite monument in that when the sun hit it just right it had quite the reflection.

When we were all done we decided to take the return two hour trip to our hotel through the backroads and see what we would find. We ended up finding this adorable little town called Woodstock and it was packed with tourists. We hit it late afternoon and wished we had known about it before so we could have been their earlier to check things out. I've completely fallen in love with this part of the East coast. I love all the millions of trees, the history, and especially the colonial style homes that New England provides. It really is a beautiful place and well worth a visit. Here's some pictures of our Vermont adventure.


Lulu said...

Vermont looks beautiful! I love all the pictures.

Sara said...

Hello darling! Just found your blog. Good times!

mistieleigh said...

oh, i loved Vermont!!! And i loved the JS serene and peaceful!! So happy you guys got to experience it!