Thursday, February 21, 2008


My brother and his wife, Nathan and Genilyn, visited last weekend and mentioned that they were told by Gen's uncle, who lives in NYC, that they couldn't leave Manhattan without eating at a place called Carnegie Deli. So we decided that after taking a stroll in Central Park we would try it out for dinner.

Oh my word, when we sat down and watched what others were ordering my eyes pretty much popped right out of my head. The sandwiches were gigantic! Oh, and the pastrami sandwich was especially GIGANTIC! Here's a pic of the Club sandwich that we both ordered and shared with our significant other. So glad we did that as I barely finished half a sandwich.

Also, their onion rings were the best I have ever had. Oh, and don't forget the cheesecake. We were pretty stuffed and seeing that a piece of cheesecake cost almost $10 we decided to take an entire cheesecake home with us. The BEST purchase we've ever made! It was soooooo good! Here's a pic of Gen and me trying to decide if we need to eat cheesecake right then and there or if we could wait until we got home. I tell ya, it was a hard decision!

For all those who live here or plan on visiting it is definately a place to check out. It's located at 854 7th Avenue at 55th Street. It's a little pricey but definately a place you gotta try. Our sandwich was $22 and then we had to pay $3 for sharing it. I think I read somewhere too that there is a minimum $12 per person that must be spent. Oh well, my tummy loved every penny of it!


Stephenson Family said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Naomi! We'll have to check it out! Sounds so good!

mistieleigh said...

I think i've heard of this place but i didnt realize it was a place to sit down and eat. we'll have to try it sometime. $22 for a sandwich, though?!!! WOW! It is always fun learning of new places to try. thanks!

Maile said...

Thanks for the tip. We love getting suggestions for good places in the city. Is it close to Central Park?