Saturday, February 2, 2008


I am proud to announce that after many grueling interviews, which had taken place just before Christmas, Chad has been accepted to the Prosthodontics Honors Program in his 4th year of dental school. A program that was open to only 6 students!

See, I told you he was a stud! It had been some time since he had his interviews and was starting to worry that he may not have gotten in. Bryan, a friend of Chad's at school had received his letter notifying him of his acceptance into the Esthetics Honors Program (BTW Congrats Bryan and BreAnna!) and had asked chad if he had heard anything. Of course, Chad had not and started to get really discouraged. He came home pretty disappointed as he had worked so very hard in getting really good grades and felt that by not getting into the honors program it was all for nothing. He didn't sleep a wink that night and had pretty much written off specializing in Pros (rhymes with cross). As he got ready to head to school I wished him well and told him that I'd be crossing my fingers and toes that the school hadn't finished sending out acceptances and that he would get his today. Well, 6pm came around and I got a call from Chad and he made it! Not only did he make it into one program but TWO! Here is what his acceptance letter said:

Dear William Wolff,
Congratulations. We are pleased to advise you that you were selected for the Honors in Prosthodontics program for the 2008-2009 academic year. We have carefully reviewed your credentials and believe that you have the ability to succeed in this program. Students who participate in these programs receive appropriate credit hours on their transcript and the program is listed as Honors*. Again, I congratulate you on your achievement!
Andrew I. Spielman, D.M.D., Ph.D
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

For the second program he was accepted to, Senior Mini Residency at the Student Health Center, the letter pretty much states the same. My mom, asked me what it really meant for Chad to be accepted. And well, I completely butchered it while trying to explain it to her. Honestly, I had no idea what I was talking about! LOL. So for those of you who are interested here is a brief description of what the Prosthodontics Honors Program entails:

Prosthodontics Honors Course description:
This clinical concentration program is designed to give participants an excellent hands-on clinical experience and training in Fixed, Removable and Implant Prosthodontics. The intent of this course is for students to understand the scope of graduate Prosthodontics. Students will, under close supervision of experienced faculty, treat patients of greater complexity than undergraduate experience. Total number of students accepted: 4 - 6

Senior Residency at Student Health Center:
This program involves active student involvement in daily care within the faculty practice. Students will participate in the comprehensive care of patients assigned in faculty practice including examination and treatment planning, periodontal therapy as required, esthetic procedures as required (including porcelain laminates and bleaching), all phases of operative dentistry, all phases of crown and bridge as required and indicated oral surgical procedures. Invisalign orthodontics may be initiated as required.

Oh, and about Bryan. Well, Chad went to school the next day and had a word or two with him about putting him in such a TIZZY! We love ya Bry!


BreAnna said...

Ahh this is awesome!! Way to go Chad!! Bry did tell me you got two which is AMAZING!!! He was so eager to call people the moment he got his email, sorry for the tizzy, but it made that joy that much better...right?....right?!

Rhett, Angie, and Rion said...

Wow!! Thats really great! Its always nice when your hard work pays off. Tell him congrats for us. I am sure he deserves it.

mistieleigh said...

WE ARE SO PROUD CHAD!!! We'll have to take you guys out to celebrate! I wish I had your smarts!!!

Zim Family said...

Way to go Chad!! That is so awesome. We are so proud to know you. Maybe that makes us smarter??

BreAnna said...

ps. who is william? :o) I didnt know that

Naomi said...

BreAnna, you crack me up. Yup, Chad is a William. Who would have thunk it! :)