Tuesday, April 22, 2008


As one of Chad's dental student requirements he was to participate in the Oral Cancer Walk that was held last Saturday. So of course we wanted to support him and so our little family all packed up and drove into Harlem where the walk was to begin. We started out at the Marcus Garvey Park where Chad checked in and a couple of oral cancer survivors spoke before the walk began. This was New York City’s third annual Oral Cancer Walk to raise awareness of a disease that kills over 7,000 American men and women each year.

So we put Edyn in the stroller and Ethan on his bike and we were off. The Walk was 4 miles, so we were told, but I really enjoyed myself. The weather was beautiful and it was really neat to take part in such a great cause. We were so glad that we took Ethan's bike as he was as happy as a peach peddling along side everyone. He was getting pretty good at balancing his bike and keeping his training wheels off the ground. I know that if he was on foot he wouldn't have lasted nearly as long and we would have heard all about it the entire time. So smart thinking Chad! After the walk there were free oral cancer and health screenings available and the kids got free toothbrushes, floss, and coloring books. They were pretty excited about that. We then headed out to eat with Bryan and Ryan (who were kind enough to walk the entire way with us) in which I got a phone call from my mom informing me that she and dad were in the middle of a snow blizzard and could barely get out the front door. So sorry to hear mom, but were enjoying our 80 degree weather! I'm sure you'll enjoy it in a couple of days when you visit too!


BreAnna said...

I wish I was there (I really mean that) I love things like this and the weather was fabulous that day!

Zilotis Valentine Photography said...
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