Saturday, June 21, 2008

Martha Stewart, Eat Your Heart Out!

Well, I'm no Martha Stewart but I'm just going to be a little prideful for a moment. Edyn and Ethan's birthday are pretty close together so ever since Edyn was born we've celebrated the two together. Might as well until we can't get away with it anymore. So this year I decided to be fair and make each of them their very own birthday cake. Ethan has been completely obsessed with Indiana Jones so of course I knew an Indiana Jones cake would be a hit. Edyn, on the other hand, is completely 110% girl and is madly in love with Hello Kitty. So I did a little bit of searching online and found some really cute ideas and this is what I ended up with:

I thought they came out really cute and I was so happy with how they turned out. I couldn't believe that I had actually made them! So this is why I'm not Martha Stewart . . . I am a pretty good copycat but in no way good at coming up with ideas all by myself. Give me a pattern and I'm good to go. Ask me to make a pattern - yeah, right!

Ethan was pretty cute when I started layering the cake. I hadn't quite iced it yet when I decided to take Edyn's cake upstairs to our neighbors to put it into their fridge. Shortly after, I came back downstairs and found that Ethan had gone thru all his lego and not being able to contain his excitement one minute more he had added all his decorations to his cake. When I came in the door he quickly grabbed my hand and exclaimed "Look mom, my cake is all finished!". It was too cute not to take a picture so here is Ethan's version.


JessK said...

Wow, Naomi, I'm impressed! You could definitely take on Martha.

mistieleigh said...

Holy Hannah girl!! I really am amazed. You inspire me to want to be more creative and try things myself. Your talents are endless!!