Thursday, September 4, 2008

I think we've been in NYC way too long!

LOL. Not really but when you see these pictures of Edyn you'll agree with me that she sure knows how to get around in NYC and just how to look the part. I was removing pictures off of our camera and came across these two. I had totally forgotten that Chad had taken them. So here's our fashionable Edyn riding the train into Manhattan. Sunglasses and purse in hand are essential! Oh, and it cracks me up just how serious she is in this first one. I guess she's got places to go and things to see!


mistieleigh said...

Oh boy! What a sweety! I love the coordinating purse AND glasses. She is a natural... and of course she gets prettier every day!!

Miss you guys!! REally we do!!

The Zookeeper said...

I love it!! She is so beautiful!!

The Happenin' Harwards said...

She is so stinking cute! She reminds me of Addison. I'm jealous that kids get to expierience so much living our there. Too cute!!

Kikibug said...

She is BEAUTIFUL and plays the part to match. That is awesome. She looks so sassy... where did she get that from?
How are you? I haven't been in the blogging world for a while and just wanted to "stop by" and say hello.
Hope y'all are doing great!

BreAnna said...

seriously how cute is that! She has such a beauty all her own, she looks so wise and old in her school picture, they are both so so cute! I say time for #3!!