Thursday, September 4, 2008


The day has arrived! Ethan and Edyn both started school today. With it being Edyn's first time to go to school full-time I found myself ancy most the day worrying about her and wondering if she was doing ok. I never thought I'd be one that cried when I dropped off a child for their first day but surprisingly it took everything in me to hold back a few tears as I left Edyn's classroom this morning. But really, I guess I had nothing to worry about. Her teacher mentioned that she did really well and cried just a tiny bit when they were asked to lay on their cots for a nap. She hasn't had a scheduled nap in forever so I really don't blame her, especially when there is toys in arms reach. LOL. When I picked both of them up they were completely drenched in sweat. No wonder! It was 90 degrees today, mixed with a ton of humidity, and there school has no air conditioning. Hmmmmm, summer doesn't really look like it's over! Oh well, they did look really cute in their uniforms, little beads of sweat on their noses and frazzled humid hair!

Tee Hee! One last thing . . . do you think I could fit Edyn in her Hello Kitty backpack? That thing is way too big!


Becca said...

Whoa! Edyn in school - where has time gone?! They both look so cute in their uniforms - so glad they had a great day!

Lulu said...

dang girl,
what will you do with all your time? lol.
i don't see myself as one to cry when come time to drop them off at their first day of school, but most likely i will too.
edyn and ethan are so adorable. just think... the next thing you have to really worry about is dating! lol!
see you soon!

Emily said...

I think the uniforms are way cute!! I dread Christopher's first day of school....I know he will love it, and I will bawl. :)

lynsey said...

Seriously, it doesn't get any cutier than this!

JessK said...

I can't believe Edyn is in school! They look so grown up!

stef said...

They look too cute in their school gear! So grown up! How does Edyn like school? How are you liking it?