Thursday, October 23, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy ChAd!

And the hubster turns 33 today! Hope you have a wonderful birthday today! Your little boy woke up this morning and asked where you were and after I told him that you had already left for school he pouted and said "I really wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday today!" I thought it was so cute that he had remembered and that it was the first thing he thought of as soon as he had got up this morning. We love you more than anything and are so thankful for all the things you do for us!



Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Chad! ;)

mistieleigh said...

Happy bday Chad!!! We miss you! Cant wait to see you again one day so you can show us the splits!! Still laught about that!

Susan said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Chad. We did think of you on your day, and hoped you were having a good one. Hope all is going well.

Thanks Naomi for all your posts and we hope especially that you are fully recovered.

We spent about 5 weeks in Canada with Mom (Sept 17-Oct 22), but are now back, somewhat into our normal routine.

Take care, everybody. We love you all: from Marcheta, Susan and Grandmother Belle in Ivins

The Happenin' Harwards said...

Chad or "wolff" as i know him. Happy birthday man. it seems like it was just the other day we were in bordeaux seeing who can leave the biggest skid mark in our community toilet!! I believe it was you that won! LMAO!
Nathan "Harward"