Friday, October 31, 2008


Finally . . . Halloween arrived! This is by far one of my most favorite days of the year. Halloween Eve was quite a chore trying to get two little kids to bed who were way too excited for Halloween in the morning. Edyn was so cute when I pulled out a couple of costumes for her to decide on for school and watched as she couldn't control her giddy emotions. It was truly a "kid in a candy store" moment and I really wish I had it on video. Ethan couldn't make up his mind so he picked one for school and wore the other one to bed. He really did! So Friday morning was probably the best morning ever for getting ready and getting to school on time. Total cooperation! So what did they end up being . . .


Edyn was, I think, the cutest witch ever and Ethan was a zombie. After they finshed school we headed down to our favorite spot for halloween, Hoboken, for the Ragamuffin parade. The kids scored tons of candy just walking past the little shoppes and then we wasted some time going out to eat while we waited for people to get back home for the REAL trick-or-treating to begin. Now this is my favorite part! I love how this town decorates their brown-stone walkups and love how the majority of them wait on their stoops to hand out their candy and even some of the families take their little halloween parties out to the sidewalks. Decorations were faaaabulous this year and there were some really adorable carved pumpkins. Hoboken did not disappoint this year! Oh, and being 60 degrees today was awesome (since it's been so wretched cold lately)! So here are some pictures of our Halloween Adventure this year. It will be really sad not to be here for it next year. So glad we made the most of our last one in Hoboken! Thank you Hoboken for 4 years of awesome Halloweens!


mistieleigh said...

The parade looked awesome this year!! And your kids' costumes look amazing!
Happy Halloween!

The Zookeeper said...

You always do such a fabulous job with your kids Halloween costumes. They are awesome!!