Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Half Marathon - WEEK TEN in Review

So the coolest thing that I think Kaycee and I did for training was where we ran our long run. We decided that since we planned on camping Easter weekend and the following weekend after that was our marathon that our long run for week 10 would be the only chance we had to run in Central Park. It was a really tough run for us, which I think is a major understatement, but we loved it. The view was awesome and now we can say we ran the entire central park and then some! It really was a nice run even though I know I looked like an 80 year old when running uphill! Seriously, if you walked at a fast rate beside me, we would have been at the same pace. Geeesh, you'd think I could run anything by now! LOL.

I know this is supposed to be a RESULTS week but since it is "that time of month" I decided that measuring my bloated self this week was not going to be a good idea. So I'm sorry to disappoint but you'll have to wait another week. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I was at target the other day and trying on some cargo capri pants for the summer and guess what?! I fit into a single digit pant!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I can't even remember the last time I wasn't a double digit. So yay me!

Step Aerobics Workout – 55 minutes
Treadmill – 5 Miles
Arm Strength - 15 minutes
Leg Strength - 10 minutes
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) - 8

Treadmill – 3 Miles
Turbo Jam Workout - 45 minutes
Arm Strength – 15 minutes
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) – 7

Treadmill Full Incline – 3 Miles
Cardio Fusion Workout - 50 minutes
Arm Strength – 10 minutes
Leg Strength - 10 minutes
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) - 7

Treadmill Full Incline – 3 Miles
Bootcamp Workout – 60 minutes
Arm Strength – 15 minutes
Leg Strength - 10 minutes
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) – 10


Outside Run – 9.1 Miles
Water Consumed (8oz. glasses) – 6


gretchen said...

I miss running in Central Park--how fun that you did that. And hooray for the single digits!! :)

mistieleigh said...

Single digit?! You go girl! You always look great! I can't wait to see that little bod of yours though. WAHOOOO!!! I really am proud of you. I wish i was living there so you could have inspired little old me to get my rear in shape! I am jealous...but good for you and Kaycee! What a great way to leave NYC... with a BANG!v(oh boy, i know i am a cheese head!)

Christina said...

Hurrah for you! Daring to run in Central Park, having the courage to go on even if you think you are running like an old lady and (literally) working your back side off to get into single digits. Hurts sooooo good!!!

The Happenin' Harwards said...

I am so excited for you!!!! You are an inspiration to me!! I can't wait to hear about the marathon. Plus--Yeah about the capris,if I could loose my baby weight I wouldn't even need to go to Target, I have a whole closet of what will seem like "new" clothes! Seriously, you better call us when you get to Utah.

Jess said...

It's all about how the clothes fit. Hurrah for single digits!

Emily said...

You're awesome!!!

Debbie said...

Question, Naomi... what are you eating? Your exercise is amazing and I think any woman would have to lose something based on all the work you do. I just wondered if you added a special eating schedule/menu to all of this?

Grats on all you've accomplished!

Nathan said...

Hey... Where's our report on the half marathon? Can't wait to hear from you.