Monday, March 1, 2010

HEAVEN - A Weekend of Hockey

I know most of you won't agree with us but this weekend was one of the best weekends we have had in a long time. Saturday night our little family went to the IDAHO STEELHEADS hockey game thanks to a gift from a friend. Ethan was loving every minute of it. Edyn, well, after she got over the inital shock of how loud it could be in the ice arena she warmed up to the game. You would even find her clapping her hands and in her quiet voice yelling "Go boys! WIN!". At one point I heard her yell "Shoot the puck or I'll spank your butt!". You can't get any cuter than that! Honestly, where does she come up with that? Hmmmmm, one guess . . . Ethan! LOL.

Then came Sunday. OH, Sunday! We were so excited for the Canadian/USA hockey game and found out that it started the same time we had church. So we got everything set up to record and made sure to let others know at church that if they knew the score we DIDN'T want to know! Well, we made it through church without anyone spilling the beans and decided to eat dinner first so that in case we turned on the TV the game may be still going on and we would see the score. We even turned off our phones so no-one could call or text us the result of the BIG game. So I headed over to the crockpot only to realize that I had turned it on but hadn't plugged it in! Geez, looks like worrying about our hockey game was way more important than our bellies! I still can't believe I did that!

We finally got sat down to watch the game and WOWZERS, that third period was intense! And OT was even worse. I can't remember being that nervous. So Canada, we love you and knew you could do it! Thanks for an exciting game! Man, are we really sad that the Olympics are over!

Well, I hadn't had quite enough hockey yet so here is a hockey spoof that I hope you enjoy. I sure did and I am still laughing about it!


Nathan said...

I especially like Edyn's cheering skills. I could use her to help rally my badminton players.

Maile said...

Did anyone end up with a spanking? :) I'll admit I didn't watch the game (I've actually never watched a hockey game - can we still be friends?) but my sister did tell me about it and I can see why it would have been very stressful for you! We loved the video clip.

Lulu said...

sounds like you guys had tons of fun! the spanking comment was just priceless; i couldn't stop laughing.
And sorry to hear about your crock pot mishap. if it makes you feel better, i turned mine on at 7pm and cooked something for 8 hours. i woke up in the middle of the night to turn it off and i accidentally pressed the "hi 4 hrs" button instead. so it cooked another 4 hours and was burnt in the morning! lol, dumb me!

Debbie said...

We got home in time for the 3rd period and OT. It was awesome! I was glad it went to OT so I could get some more hockey in, but also very happy Canada won. They played the better game and deserved it.

BTW, Edyn's comment has won gold for "Best Ever Comment at a Hockey Game!" Loved it!