Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Edyn Turns SIX!

I'm sooooo behind on posting that it's ridiculous! Oh well, I guess it's better late than never. Edyn's birthday was June 25th and again she wanted a Hello Kitty party which we didn't have until the 28th. On her actual birthday we decided to have a Edyn day and do whatever she wanted. So we went to Pizza Hut for lunch (her favorite), she got her nails painted at Velvet Touch (a cosmetology school right beside Chad's office), and then Toy Story 3 to end the evening. She was so cute getting her toenails painted. After the lady was done painting her flowers on her big toes, Edyn exclaimed in her cute girly voice "They are just perfect!".

For her actual birthday party we decided to do a party at our subdivision's clubhouse at the swimming pool and have pizza delivered and cake and icecream. It was the easiest party I've ever done and it came with no stress. I didn't have to worry about cleaning my house, which would be destroyed in 10 minutes after the guests arrived anyway, and I didn't have to worry about making all kinds of different things for dinner, and didn't have to think up any games to keep the girls busy. The girls swam for 3 hours and I think they could have swam for three more. They had so much fun and I loved just sitting in the sun and being the referee between the girls and Ethan and his friend. Oh, was he such a pest! I really think Ethan thought it was his job to reak havoc. I guess that is what a big brother is for. LOL. Good thing the girls were pretty good at dishing it out too. Anyway, I think Edyn had a really good time and she's so funny when she sees people now. She always has to announce that she is now 6. Here it is 3 weeks later and she is still doing it. I sure love my little girl! Hope you had a great birthday Edyn.

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture above of Edyn getting her toes done. My silly phone just doesn't compare to our Nikon.

Oh, how I love photoshop and making my own invitations. This one was especially easy since I took the one from two years ago and just tweaked it a bit with a swimming hello kitty and added those cute little paw prints. I think the only thing that stayed the same was the poem and the pink background. Not to shabby, I think.


Jodi Pilling said...

LOVE it! I am obsessed with Hello Kitty. I can't wait till Grace is old enough to love her too. I need to know you photoshop tricks. LOL! Great job on the cake.

Christina said...

What a blast! Everything looks perfect, her toes, the invitation, the cake, the smiles on the girls with swimsuits and the look of pure joy on Edyn's face. Hurrah for 6!

Becca said...

Sounds like the perfect 6 year old birthday!! Love the invites too, Naomi! I still haven't figured out what you are NOT good at doing :) BTW, we enjoyed your chicken lasagna tonight!

Emily said...

I love the last pictures of Edyn. Cutest smile!! What a fun birthday she had.

Shaneen said...

Naomi you rock when it comes to pulling off a party! Love the invitation and the cake! And Edyn getting her nails done....Super Duper Cute!!!