Thursday, September 23, 2010

HALLOWEEN is almost here!

HALLOWEEN is almost here! One of my favorite times of the year! I don't know what it is about this time of year but I can only describe it as one of those moments when you stop and take a big breath in and then let it all out while a smile creeps along your face. You know one of those moments when you are completely satisfied?! It might be the cooler air (which we haven't experienced yet and I'm totally okay with), the changing of the leaves, soups returning to our evening meals, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, Halloween goodies spread throughout the stores, decorating sugar cookies, and the long awaited Halloween party that we throw every year (one of my very favorite events in the Wolff household)! I really can't pick just one but I get all tingly when it comes to thinking about fall.

I've been wanting to decorate for Halloween since the beginning of September. Waaaaaaay to early in my husband's book and he probably is right. So I've been really trying to reign myself in and wait. Oh dear has the waiting been really long and unbearable. Well, not really, but it's like being a little kid at Christmas who is beside themself with giddiness the night before Christmas morning. Sooooo, do I or don't I pull out my Halloween decorations today?! It may be some sort of crazy but I've been battling with this dilemma for a few weeks now. Oh, and another dilemma, what to transform myself into this year for Halloween! Funny thing is, I'll probably resort right back to the few costumes I've seemed to rotate through for the past few years. Not a big deal in my books. However, the big deal is that I'll actually dress up! I was never one who dressed up as a teen or as a young adult. Never wanted to embarrass myself, too shy or was it that I was just too cool to do that kind of nonsense. I have no clue. But can't hold me back! Weird how your perception changes and I'm glad it has as I can now fully experience the season with my children as it should be experienced. So here's to seeing if I can wait one more week before I head into the garage and start hauling in my Halloween decorations!


mistieleigh said...

Naomi- just reading this makes me miss you even more. i am so the same way as you described - and truthfully not too many people i know are that way... that is why it is a shame we don't live closer... :( Halloween is the best and i wish we could be together at a big party at one of our houses to celebrate it!!! We both know how to throw a party...especially at Halloween!!! hehehe. I love it! Miss you!

Rachelle said...

i bet you have the cutest halloween decorations!!!! i say pull them out...haha! the longer you get to display them the better. plus it's like contagious...once you decorate you will inspire someone else to decorate, and on and on... in fact, you just made me want to decorate! i love you!

Emily said...

You are the queen of Halloween! I think you should put your decorations out whenever you want. I always have a hard time waiting till after Thanksgiving to put on Christmas decorations. If they sold Christmas trees in October, I would probably buy one. :)