Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Just Don't Understand

So here goes my little RANT for the day . . . We signed Ethan up for a flag football league that our little town decided to start up this year. He has absolutely loved it. In fact, the majority of the community seems to have enjoyed it as they have had quite a great response in those wanting to participate. Because our little town does not have a football field or sports arena, practices and games have been held in a small subdivision that has a large and well kept grass area that has been perfect for these young boys.

Two nights a week for one hour we all cheer on our boys as they learn a great sport and get some exercise. This lasted about a month before we were informed that the location was changing due to complaints from the Home Owner's Association for the subdivision. REALLY?! What do you have to complain about? Yes, the sides of the road are full during football but only two nights a week for ONE hour! Oh, and since when do you need to park on the side of the road . . . you have a garage or two! Too loud? It's hardly any louder than the kids next door playing in their backyard! For a community that cries that there is nothing for their youth to do in our small town to keep them out of trouble, why do you feel the need to cry and complain when something has been provided?! Seriously, I just DON'T understand.


Jenny said...

Oh, those HOA's! They always find something to complain about!

I'd love to see Ethan playing football. I think he was made for contact sports.

Loved the tutus you ran in, btw. So adorable. Plus I'm totally jealous of the race. It looked like you had such a good time!

Emily said...

Some people will find something to complain about no matter what...their glass is always half empty. That's so fun that Ethan is enjoying playing though...I can't totally see him playing football.

mistieleigh said...

What a joke Naomi! I can't believe that...people need to get a life!
So happy Ethan likes flag football...Ashton loves it too and made a touchtown at his game yesterday. I think it is starting to click for him and so he says it is his favorite sport. Him and Ethan will have to throw the ball around next time we see you...i feel bad i didn't happen this last time. Hopefully you still want to be our friends?!! One day we will hang out in person. :)
Did you get into conference btw?