Friday, January 18, 2008


Are you wondering what that nice little bruise is from? I know your dying to know!

Well, went to pick up Ethan from school today and his teacher asked me to stay for a bit so she could talk to me. All of a sudden it's getting hot in there, my palms are starting to sweat, I'm thinking of all sorts of things Ethan could have done today to have initiated this conversation I'm about to have. So after a couple of minutes of shooing kids off to their parents Mrs. Lonieski turns to me and says "There has been a biting incident today". What! Seeing the concern on my face, Mrs. L quickly says "Oh, it was Ethan that got bit." I smiled. What parent does that when they find out their child just got bit! Me, alright! I can't tell you how happy I was that it wasn't Ethan that did the biting. I would have been mortified. Don't get me wrong, I was worried for Ethan and wanted to make sure that he was alright, but so, so, soooooo glad that Ethan wasn't on the other end of the stick.

In his teacher's words this is what happened. His class had been in the gym playing and Ethan and a girl, Chelsie, were wanting the same bike. The gym teacher told everyone that it was time to leave so Ethan went to grab Chelsie's arm to start to head back to class and she completely took it the wrong way and bit down on Ethan. It had to have been quite the bite as it had already bruised this big before he left school. Poor little guy. I'm sure that not only did that really hurt but I'm sure his little feelings were a little crushed. He got to go to the nurse's office though and she checked him out to make sure that no skin was broken, wiped some disinfectant on it and then wrote a note for him to take home to his parents.


Rhett, Angie, and Rion said...

Poor little guy! That is quite a bite mark. We have been having trouble with Rion biting lately. She bit her cousin at Christmas, and left a little mark. I'm hoping its just a stage, and she will grow out of it before she is big enough to do real damage.

Zim Family said...

I love that your first thought was relief when you found out Ethan was the receiver and not the giver. Mostly because I would have the exact same reaction as you if Ryder were in the same situation. I love our boys! Ryder already is asking if Ethan can come play again!

Dawnell said...

Yikes, watch out for Chelsie. You should be proud of Ethan for not retaliating after she chomped him. I'd punch her in the head.

Maile said...

Poor Ethan...but I laughed pretty hard at your reaction. =) I can totally imagine having that feeling of relief one day.