Monday, January 14, 2008


Goals . . . Hmmmm, do I really have to! I guess if I want to be a better person and being that I am such a procrastinator, goals are a necessity for a better me. There are so many things I could work on so how could I possibly choose! Well, for starters I know I want to lose some weight. Shocker!

I did really well last year starting in April and by the end of August I had lost 25 lbs. One problem though, by the end of the summer life got so busy with my website, family and church that my health and exercise started to slide. Well, in all truth it really didn't exist! So here it is January and I've gained a couple of inches back but have only gained 5 lbs. back. Not too bad but the feeling of not liking myself has come back. Sooooooo . . .

GOAL #1 - To lose 20 - 25 lbs. this year!

Wow, that would make a total 45 lbs. since last April. I've attached a web ticker for my weight progress for everyone to see! Somehow that makes me want to get at it knowing that everyone is watching that stinkin' ticker and every one of you better get on my case when y'all aren't seeing it move! Hint, hint! Cheers everybody, to a skinnier and healthier me!

GOAL #2 - To be much better at reading and studying my scriptures.

I have been awful as of late and really need to get back into strengthening my relationship with my Heavenly Father. My calling as Relief Society president is not an easy one and I know that if I do better at scripture study and prayer I'll be able to use the spirit that Heavenly Father has blessed me with to better serve the Women of our ward.

There you have it. A physical goal and a spiritual goal. Yes, it is only two goals but I know if I kept on adding more that I would just become overwhelmed and give up. So this year I've decided (thanx to a great Relief Society lesson) to make two goals and really try hard to achieve them both. Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!


Zim Family said...

Awesome goals. All I know is you were so freaking dang hott and sexy the last time I saw you!! As far as scripture reading goes, I used a website last year that really helped me. The website is It emails you your reading so you can read it just like an email. Anyway, that kept me on track. Good luck girl!!