Friday, March 7, 2008

Alright America! You ALMOST Got It Right.

Buh Bye, Danny! Finally! So glad to see this chap finally get booted. But tell me . . . Why is Amanda still here?

I really don't get it, especially the judges. She is NOT "Fantastic!" Simon. Yes, she can move and gives a good performance but where is the voice? It is AWFUL!

Now on to better things. Brooke White! I wasn't really rooting for anyone until Brooke's last performance. Oh my word, when she sang "Love is a Battlefield" I was goosebumped! It was incredible and I loved that she sang it only to guitar. Here's to Brooke as one of the finalists!

SORRY . . . you'll first have to go to the bottom of my blog and pause the music to be able to listen to this clip.


Bernie said...

Did you know Brooke is an LDS gal from Mesa Arizona
Uncle Bernie

Naomi said...

Hey Uncle Bernie! That is definately another reason I like her so much. Actually, one of our really good friends that goes to dental school with Chad knows her. He's from Arizona and was in the young single adult ward with her and her husband played on his baseball team. It's a small world, I tell ya.