Friday, March 7, 2008

Honestly! What is Wrong with Jersey Drivers!

So I picked Ethan up from school and we had pulled up to a red light. I needed to turn right to head home but was not able to turn because of a big sign that says "NO TURN ON RED". Not a problem so I waited. The light finally turns green and now I'm not able to go because I have a crossing guard stopping me and parents and children crossing the street. Not a problem either. However, the PROBLEM is the lady behind me constantly honking her horn because I'm not going. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Am I supposed to just ignore the crossing guard and plow everyone over! This is NOT a bowling alley!

But get this, after honking and not seeing me move she decides that she will pull out of the lane and go around me to turn right. By then I was totally peeved! Good thing she decided that she had to stop her car right beside me to stare me down for a bit. Well, really she had NO choice but to stop! So in that short moment, I took that time to aggressively point at her and then point at the crossing guard that she was about to run over. Hmmmmm, maybe I was being too nice. I hope she knows that she looked like a fool not only because she had to wait for me and a couple of others to go but remember, she had pulled out into the lane that was going straight and was now holding them up. I'm sure she didn't learn a thing and will do the same thing tomorrow.


Jenny said...

This isn't about the Jersey Drivers, you already know how I feel. This is about Ethan. Sunday on the way home he sat in the back with Haylie and I and was so adorable! He talked the whole time about how much he loves Haylie and how helpful he is when she comes to your home. "Are you always helpful at home?" I asked, "no, only when Haylie come over because I love her". Aww..then the we pull up to our place Ethan looks over at Haylie and says with softness in his voice I've never heard "Haylie looks beautiful in that dress". How sweet is he!