Friday, March 7, 2008

You Couldn't Get Ethan to School Fast Enuff!

If you know anything about Ethan, one of his favorite things is his pj's. He is well known for coming home and wasting no time at all changing from his day clothes to his pajamas. He even has meltdowns when it's time to go out anywhere and he is told that he has to remove the pj's and put on some jeans. Well, this week at school they have been talking about camping and sleeping outside. A note came home a few days ago informing the parents that the kids would be able to go to school on Friday wearing their pajamas because they were going to have a sleep out and cook S'mores. Ethan has been so excited about this day and has bugged me constantly with the question "How many days now until we can wear our pajamas to school." This question would even be repeated every couple of hours. So the day has finally arrived and Ethan woke up at 6 am calling out "MOM! How come you haven't gotten me dressed for school yet!". Ugggghhhhh, I don't think that boy is ever going to sleep in! So above is a picture of a very HAPPY Ethan heading to school in his pajamas.

That's about the extent of the School Yard, and the funny thing is . . . they don't even get to play in it.


Stephenson Family said...

Caleb would stay in his pjs all day if we let him too. I guess that's why he goes through more pj pants than jeans! I remember how fun pajama days at school used to be!