Monday, June 9, 2008

WARNING - A Sight For Sore Eyes

So guess what I'm doing today? Or should I say, supposed to be doing today! Uggghhh, I just completely cleaned the house on Saturday and here it is not quite 48 hours later and it truly looks like a tornadoe swept through our place. I don't know what it is about Sundays but for some reason this happens each week. So here goes nothing - diving into the piles of laundry and who knows when I'll return! Oh how I loathe laundry! And it doesn't help that I have children that love to change their clothes 5-10 times a day! Hmmmm, a magic wand would be really nice right about now.


JessK said...

Don't have a magic wand, but I think it must be some sort of epidemic--happens every week at my house too! :)

BreAnna said...

Oh I have to say even though it is kind of mean it makes me feel a little better about my house seeing yours like that, your house seems to be ALWAYS perfect, it still is gorgeous though even if there are clothes all over! I hate laundry too!