Friday, August 8, 2008

An Amazing Woman We Will Miss

Monday morning, August 4th, we got a call from Chad's mom informing us that his Grandma had passed away the night before. We knew this was coming, as she was just shy of her 94th birthday, but no matter how prepared you are for one's death it still is hard to take. So I just wanted to post a few things that I remember about her.

The first, and I'll never forget this, is when I was dating Chad I had gone over to the Wolff's home for dinner and grandma Dora was there also. After dinner she had heard that I wasn't feeling all that well and decided she needed to do something about it. So we were all gathered in the family room and on each hand she touched her index finger and thumb together (just like she was almost getting ready to meditate). She then started to tap the connected finger and thumb against the other finger and thumb and while doing so she started to name different kinds of herbs. When the two interlocked she then began to explain to me that this is the herb/medication I needed. She then did the same process again but this time she counted in numbers starting at one. When her fingers interlocked, the number she landed on was the dosage amount I needed to consume to feel better. Well, can you imagine my shock! I had never seen this kind of sorcery done before! But I must admit, I was a little intrigued and wanted to try out the given prescription to see if she was truly a witch doctor. I think the family got a good laugh out of me but no matter, that is one moment I will never forget about Grandma Wolff.

I will never forget the times that we dropped off grandma to her home and noticing that her lamp was on in the front window and with a smile on her face, she would lovingly comment "Oh, grandpa Ed must have been by." (He's been deceased for many years). Grandma Wolff is one who completely and wholeheartedly loved her family and you could see the joy on her face when they were in her presence. She loved every child, grandchild and great grandchild and was always interested in what everyone was up to. Not only was she a loving woman but she was a stubborn one! Her stubborness makes for great family stories that now just make me smile and remind me of just how much we are missing her. It literally broke our hearts that we weren't able to be there at the funeral with family to celebrate Grandma Dora's life. I'm pretty sure that Grandpa Ed is embracing Grandma right now, a reunion that has been long waited for and how blessed we have been to have had Grandma's influence in our lives for this long. She will be loved and missed dearly!


Emily said...

Passings are always sad, even when they are expected. I'm glad you have such good memories of her.

mistieleigh said...

How sweet is she. I got chills reading that. I love when our grandparents get old and are have so much personality. I am sorry you couldnt be there for the funeral...that must have been so hard.