Friday, August 8, 2008

Ethan and Candace Smith

My brother, Ethan, got married last Saturday without us! We were so sad that we weren't able to make it but sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles. That's one thing that's been hard for us since living out here in New Jersey is not being able to attend weddings, baby blessings, reunions, funerals and just some good ole' getting together. The first year was hard, second and third got a little easier and now it's back to hard again. Maybe because so much has happened lately that we've had to miss, I don't know. But we have sure come to appreciate our families and all they have done for us since we've been out here. So back to Ethan's wedding. My brother, Nathan who took their photos, posted these on our Smith Family blog and I thought they were so cute so I grabbed a couple to show them off here. So to Candace, Gage and Thailan . . . Welcome to the family! We love you and are so excited to have you be a part of our lives!


Emily said...

That's cool. Is your Ethan named after your brother?

Naomi said...

Yuppers. We named our Ethan after my brother. Didn't really plan on it at the time it just kinda happened. And what's funny is I really can't see my Ethan with any other name.

Jenny said...

That's a good looking family!

P.S. For an enrichment activity we should TOTALLY do our own "So You Think You Can Dance" show. It would be incredible!! Think about it.