Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm So Behind . . . Time To Catch Up!

Well, now that I took my week off of recooperating from 4 weeks straight of family and friends (which we loved and had so much fun but you wore us out! LOL.) it is now time for me to show you all what we have been up to. Shaneen, Bryn and the kids (Drake and Tori) were the first to visit. I was so nervous for them. They were flying the redeye and none of them had ever flown before! They did great for first timers! So below you'll see a few pictures of us at 6 Flags, Staten Island Ferry (so that we could see the Statue of Liberty), and the Beach. We did so much more but I think I forgot my camera most of the time.

One thing we got to do with Shaneen and family and a bunch of friends was head on down to Washington DC for the 4th of July. We had so much fun. We headed out early so we could hit the parade and then look around at all the museums which were all free! Can't beat that. Lunch time arrived and somehow everyone seemed to split up. Shaneen and Bryn went and found food with friends of ours and we assumed that they would be together the whole time since Shaneen didn't have a phone nor did they know where anything was. It was about 4 hours later we get a call from the friends we had been hanging out with previously that there was no sight of Shaneen and Bryn and nobody knew where they were. I instantly went into PANIC mode. I knew we were never going to find them. There was hundreds of thousands of people but that still didn't stop me from looking for them. It really was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. After awhile Chad saw how uneasy I was (well yeah! They didn't have a phone, they didn't know the town we were staying in and they had no idea how to get to the train to get back to the hotel!) So we split up on our way walking to the fireworks. The whole time I was praying that I'd find Bryn or he'd find me. After an extensive walk down "The Mall" Edyn and I got to the end and I just realized that we just weren't going to find them and started to head up to meet Chad for the fireworks. I looked up and guess who was walking right towards me! Bryn! I couldn't believe it I almost started to cry. We had last seen them at noon and here it was past 7pm. I was just so thankful that we had found each other. If you've ever been to DC at that time of year you'll know why this was a complete miracle. So here's some pics of our DC trip.

The rest of the pictures here are when Rachel and Cub Wolff visited followed by Kent and Kristi Wynder. It's been a busy summer so far but we've had lots of fun and it's been so nice to see everyone and spend time with them.


Lulu said...

this is so awesome. i understand that you have done a lot of things, and it's hard to write everything down. pictures speak a thousand words! so it looks like you guys had a great time!
well, hope to see you tomorrow at the zoo.

Becca said...

Looks like a full month! I think you guys have had more visitors in the last little while than we've had in our 3 years here! It's so much more fun exploring with friends and family! Glad everyone had a great time - love the pictures!

mistieleigh said...

WOW - looks like lots of fun!! And lots of walking. I TOTALLY understand how draining it can all be...but how fun that you got to see lots of family! (wish i was there to have met them)! Seeing all the pictures makes me miss it all!!!
We miss you guys!! Love you...