Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guess who I saw the other day!

So yesterday I took Ethan in to the dentist at NYU for a couple of cavities to be filled and on our way back home while walking to the train we passed through Madison Square Park (my second favorite park in Manhattan) and Ethan wanted to sit down for a rest. It was such a beautiful day so I completely agreed it would be nice to take the warm weather in. Well, guess who we sat by?! If you don't watch Project Runway you won't know who this is but when I saw him I knew it was him. There was no mistaking Chris March's face, voice or laughter. I couldn't believe I was right next to him and he wasn't inside a TV! LOL. All he was doing was sitting with a friend and eating his lunch. How normal! I love celebrity sitings and when I go into NYC I find myself constantly looking at everyone to see if I can find my next celeb. Silly, I know, but it sure is fun when you spot one!


gretchen said...

That is a great celebrity sighting! Project Runway is one of our favorite shows! :)