Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays to You!

This year was exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time as Chad opened the doors of Bright Smiles, Brilliant Dental Care in February. We are so excited for him! His office looks amazing and he has wonderful staff. It still seems so weird to us to not be students anymore. That was such a long road that we thought would never end and we keep finding ourselves pinching each other just to make sure that we aren’t dreaming.

We have really enjoyed living in a small town. It definitely is a complete opposite of what we were used to in New Jersey. We love having a back yard, a neighborhood that the kids can play in all day without Naomi constantly worrying or checking up on them, and most of all a garage! No more street cleaning tickets or cleaning snow off the car! The weather has been wonderful. Summer was hot and dry and winter was mild. Perfect!

In April, Naomi headed up to Canada with the kids for her Grandma Belle Smith’s funeral. The funeral was beautiful and it was great to be with family and be able to celebrate her grandma's life. There is just so much comfort in replaying a loved one's life and remembering all the wonderful things they did and said that touched yours. We will miss you Grandma Belle!

In June, Ethan and Edyn both had birthdays. Ethan turned 8 and Edyn turned 6. It was a special birthday for Ethan as our family headed up to Canada where Ethan was baptized in a small river at the Wolff cabin. What an experience that was. Even though it was cold that day he was quite the trooper when he waded out into the freezing water. We are so proud of him and very thankful for all our family and their support for him on such a neat day. It was definately a day that will be remembered fondly.

This time of year is always my favorite as we spend a lot of time reflecting on family, friends and most of all, our Savior. What a blessing to know that He lives and loves us. We only hope that we can be better at following in His footsteps in the year to come. We love you all and are so blessed to have you be a part of our lives in one way or another. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


mistieleigh said...

love your card. miss you guys. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Rachelle said...

Hi! Love the pics! I don't have your # anymore. Can you email me your cellphone # and your address please! my email is sweetzuka@gmail.com

ps: did you know Sister Perrett lives in Star Idaho too?! Do you remember her - she was my comp. We still keep in touch and I got her card and when i saw her address i remembered that was where you moved to isn't it?

Jocelyn Toth said...

Hope you guys had a great Christmas and happy new year. I saw Nathan in Mt. View and we got to catch up which was fun.

Elise said...

1st off your christmas cards are always perfect!! model FAMILY! i miss you guys! and I am so happy for you two! miss yah