Wednesday, December 1, 2010

* * * SNOW DAY * * *

My morning started out lovely with an automated phone call at 5:45am letting me know that school had been canceled for the day due to a lovely snow storm. I wasn't too happy about the early phone call but I knew my kids would be. Up they were at 7:30 in the morning and ready and raring to go play in the snow. Honestly, it was still dark outside! I had to laugh as I'm pretty sure I was the same way when I was that age. Ethan has seriously been outside all day. He left the house at 9am and has been playing with the neighbors building snowmen and forts and shoveling driveways. Ate a quick lunch and then right back out to play and here it is 6pm and he's still going strong out there. I think he's going to be pretty sad that it's off to school tomorrow. Here's some photos of us playing and working in the snow today.


Emily said...

Oh, I wish we had snow. But I didn't think they cancelled school for snow out there...I thought that was just a wimpy NJ thing (wink)

mistieleigh said...

i wish i was a kid again and liked the cold and liked to play in the snow. It looks so charming and fun (but even more fun from inside my window looking out). :)

It is definitely feeling like the Christmas season though now there is so much snow! Kind of exciting!