Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Tooth Fairy! Where are you?!

Edyn lost her 1st tooth yesterday! Well, really it's her second but this one is her first tooth that came out on it's own. Her actual first was extracted so it really doesn't count. I hope that makes sense?

This tooth had been loose for about a week now and yesterday when she came home from school she came running in the door with excitement telling me that the tooth fairy was going to be coming to our house that night. Off to bed she went that night with tooth secured snugly under her pillow, and believe me it was pretty snug under there! When she woke up to find $3 under pillow she was pretty upset because she didn't get $5. What?! If I remember correctly, I think I only got a dollar. I'm pretty sure inflation hasn't gone up that much. Anyway, I realized why she was so upset was because a toy she has been wanting is $5 from Hobby Lobby and she quickly figured it out that she didn't have enough to get it. After explaining to her that mommy had a coupon, yes-I actually said coupon, and after using it the toy would only cost $3. We now have a happy Edyn again. Ugghhhh, when I was that little, was my life as much consumed with toys as Edyn's is?!


mistieleigh said...

1. i remember ethan losing his first tooth (i think it was his first) during school too.
2. your tooth fairy is generous. Ashton either gets $1 or $2.
3. i love you have a hobby lobby up there. I have recently learned to love that store.
4. i love you use hobby lobby coupons too! ;)
5. miss you guys!

Shaneen said...

Dang! We have a cheap Tooth Fairy. My kids only get $1.