Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FUNNY STORY -- Well, at least I think so!

About a month ago, Chad had purchased quite a few major league baseball tickets for the Mets as well as the Yankees for a few different games. His thinking was to purchase a bunch so friends would be able to buy a ticket and be able to go or if he wasn't able to make the game he could go on EBAY and try to sell them and make some money.

Well, on Sunday we were tidying up a bit and I pulled the chair over to the fridge to clean the top of it and I find all these baseball tickets. So I hand them over to Chad and he starts looking thru them. He then pauses and asks "What is the date today?" in which I told him that it was the 20th. All of sudden the boy looked deathly sick! He pulled 4 tickets out which were dated April 17th for the Yankees and Red Sox game. He had completely forgotten about the tickets and had missed the game completely. The Yanks VS. the Sox are the games that he really, really cares about. Yup, he's probably going to kill me for sharing that story cause he's pretty imbarrassed about it. So sorry hon, but I'm a horrible wife cause I think it's pretty hilarious!

Speaking of Baseball, we went to a Mets VS. Brewers game with some friends at the beginning of the month and had a great time. Here's some pics of the family enjoying themselves at Shea Stadium.


BreAnna said...

oh that is soooo sad!! I hate it when I do stupid things like that! When we were in philly I was "cleaning" my purse and threw away our return tickets, we had to buy new ones! ugg! The kids are so cute at the games! They are going to miss all the action here, who am I kidding, we all are!