Thursday, April 10, 2008


OK - One thing I will definately not miss when we move after Chad is done school is making sure our car is out of the way 4 times a week for street cleaning! This has truly become an annoying part of Jersey! We have done pretty good for the last year in making sure we dont' get a ticket but this morning that all changed! Around 10 to 8, I had the feeling that I better go move the car into the driveway (our landlord had already left for work so the driveway was open) but then quickly changed my mind because I had lots of time to get the kids ready and into the car before the street cleaner came. They usually go up our street around 8:35am. Never before. Then again around 8:05 I thought, maybe I should just go move the car and get it done with. Once again, I thought I had lots of time. Well what do you know, the street cleaner came 7 minutes later! Usually the ticket guy chirps his car to give you a little warning that he's there and gives you a few seconds to move your car. NOT this morning! I was doing Edyn's hair when all of a sudden I hear the street cleaner, jump to look out the window and sure enough the ticket car has pulled up right beside our van. I jump up, grab the keys and fly down the stairs and reach the car right as the ticket is being placed under the windshield wipers. CRAP is all I have to say! I'm not mad at the ticket giver, they are only doing their job . . . a job that shouldn't exist, the cleaners only move the mess around. But that's another story. I'm just really, really mad at myself for not following my instinct/prompting to move my STUPID Van!


mistieleigh said...

How annoying!! I am so sorry. Isnt it funny how we have these intuitions but ignore them? I do that all the time!! What a pain. So, how much was the ticket? And you are too nice about the ticketgiver...i would have been mad at them!!! AHHHHH!

Maile said...

GAARRRGGHHHH!!! I really feel for you. I've come to call those ticketers in their little vehicles the parking gnomes. I know they're just doing their job - but how awful would it be to have a job that ruins everyone else's day?

BreAnna said...

oh man, what a bummer, that is like having a thrid child, having to keep track of when you have to move the car. I can just picture this all happening, so frustrating!