Friday, April 11, 2008


I've seen MTV cribs, Lives of the Rich and Famous, etc. But NEVER in my life have I seen a home like this in REAL LIFE!

We were driving out in the middle of nowhere in Ohio and came upon this on a side road. Our jaws hit the floor, a couple of times! Then are minds started whirling wondering who could possibly live here. Is it someone famous? Is it a second or third home for somebody? What kind of work were they in to be able to live in such a place, and so forth. The pictures don't even give justice to the enormousity (hmmm, did I just make up a new word?) of this home. We would have loved to drive up to it but it was blocked off by a huge gate.


Zim Family said...

Oh, didn't you know, that's our second home. Just a little place to relax when we need to get away for a bit.

Naomi said...

Well, how come you didn't recognize our faces trying to squeeze thru the gate and let us in?! We really would have been well behaved guests! LOL.