Monday, July 28, 2008

Won't Be Complaining Anymore!

Geeeeesh, what a day! So it was time to get Edyn all updated on her shots as well as getting the required ones before she heads to school in the fall! It was kind of nice that she had no clue what we were doing as the last time she had shots was 3 years ago so she has no memory whatsoever. Anyway, we have no benefits because they are tooooooo expensive so we have been using our Canadian ones while we have lived here. Not the greatest way to do it as we have to pay for our visits with cash and then submit the claim to Canada and wait for a reimbursement. Now, since Canada's Heath program is very inexpensive they only cover the amount that it would cost to do the same thing in Canada. So a shot here in the US may cost $40 where in Canada it's $10. So we will only get $10 back. So needless to say . . . my kids don't go to the doctor very often. Well, we ended up being at the doctor's office for almost two hours (which is completely ridiculous with my active Ethan) and our lovely visit cost of $175. I was stunned! I've been so used to going to the doctor's office in Canada (which the wait time is probably the same) and when finished just walking out the door knowing that our Alberta Health plan (which is very cheap) will cover the services used. So it leads me to wonder why I ever complained about Alberta Health Care in the first place?! So the doctor had more shots on his list to give Edyn but didn't want to overwhelm her so he only gave her half of them. We have to go back in a month for the rest and wouldn't be surprised if it ends up costing the same. So about $400 later I might as well have bought her a plane ticket and shipped her off to Canada for free shots! It's kind of crazy if you think about it that way!


mistieleigh said...

Crapola! What a pain!! (Literally, a pain). I hate watching as your kids get shots!! What a brave girl!

Naomi said...

She was pretty brave but my heart still ached for her. While getting the first shot all she did in a quiet drawn out voice was say "Owwww". Then when she saw the second needle coming she started to softly cry and seeing the third needle it got a little louder. Poor girl, I can't even imagine what's go to happen when we start walking up the steps to the doctor's office next month. I'm pretty sure she's going to remember this time.

Emily said...

Wow, yesterday must have been the day of shots. Christopher had to get his 4 year old ones also. It's so hard to watch them get shots. Ouch!!