Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Boy turns 34!

Dang he's getting old! And of course, Chad would just say "Look who's talking." Still, it's nice to know I'm not alone! Ha, ha. When Chad came home from work on Friday he was greeted by two very excited children who were beside themselves waiting to wish him a Happy Birthday. It was pretty cute to watch how impatient they were. Edyn even spent a half hour making a card for him in which she didn't let go of until daddy got home. We then headed out for dinner which ended up being the longest dining experience ever and realized eating at home probably would have been just as nice. Oh well, maybe we'll rethink that one next year. I tried making this Nutella cake that I had found on one of the baking blogs I follow and it actually turned out really yummy. I always hate it when I try something new to serve to others and it doesn't taste so well. So thank goodness this one worked! So here's a picture of our family while Chad is embracing his age!

We love and adore you to pieces!


Nathan said...

Happy belated, old man!

Shaneen said...

Happy Birthday you old fart!