Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Here's the Skinny!

How about that?! I went from reporting my exercise routine and weight loss constantly to not at all! I didn't think anything of it until I've had a handful of readers ask me how I've been doing and if I'm still losing weight. So why not make a post about it?

I'm happy to report that after my 1/2 marathon in April I did not revert back to my old ways. Yes, believe it or not, I kept on running. It really has become an addiction for me. Throughout the summer I was running 5 miles a day, 5 times a week. Now, you'd think I'd lose a ton of weight but I pretty much just maintained it. When you don't have a regular schedule, your camping, your hoteling it, your not living at home, and there is so much family stuff going on, I pretty much ate everything and anything. I'm sure if I watched what I ate, said NO to desserts, Canadian candy bars and licorice then maybe I'd be down to my goal weight (10 more lbs. to go!). All in all I was happy that I was at least maintaining and not gaining any of it back.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in the St. Luke's Women's Fitness 5K. What an amazing event! Yes, it was only 5K but to be a part of it was amazing. I took a shuttle to downtown Boise to the start line and WOW! There were thousands of women everywhere. Women in wheelchairs, women over their 70's, women with babies in strollers, women, women, women! The first wave, the wheelchair competitive timed, was very emotional as we watched them take off. After a couple of waves it was my turn. I was in the red wave which was a timed running wave. I came in 220/864. And for my age group I was 40/131. Not bad for only beginning running this year and this being my second race. Next year I hope to better my time. And now here I am training for another 1/2 marathon, the Prison Break 1/2 Marathon, which is October 24th. I'm really excited and nervous about this one as I don't have Kaycee to run beside me like I did for my first one. It's all me. Well, I did talk Chad into running the 10K for the same event while I run the half. Still not the same though but really excited for him to experience a race. So stay tuned for pictures and results.

Well, enough about my running. Here's what you've been waiting for--it's time for weight and inch loss results as of October 1st.

WEIGHT – 30 lbs.
ARMS – 2.25 inches each
HIPS – 6 inches
WAIST – 9 inches
THIGHS – 3 inches each


Lulu said...

You're so kinda woman!! You truly do inspire me to race.
30 lbs!!!?!! Holy cow! That's awesome! You look so good too.
Let us know how things go w/ the new race.

Lulu said...

I meant....You're some kinda woman! my last comment....dumb keyboard!

Nathan said...

Prison break? Sounds like a fun event. If we weren't tied up with pushing through a couple more things on the house I would have to come down and run t with you... Maybe next year. Good luck!

gretchen said...

Naomi, you look fantastic! Good luck with your race this month--that's such a funny name. :)

mistieleigh said...

You are great...but you know, I know that. Congrats for keeping it up...that is hard when you are up-rooted and dont have consistency. CONGRATS -- b/c you look amazing. And good luck on the next race!

Ethan said...

Way to go SIS..... thats awesome. We miss you guys already..... Keep up the good work.