Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NYU College of Dentistry Graduation

May 26th, 2009, seems soooooo long ago. Just over 4 months ago . . . so I guess it kind of was. I can't even describe the overwhelming feeling we had realizing that Chad was finally done school and thoughts of NOW WHAT?!. We have been married for just over 11 years and 9 of it Chad has been in school. So, I'm pretty sure you can imagine how excited we were!

The ceremony took place at Madison Square Garden and it was so nice to have Chad's parents their to support him on this special day for him.

After the long ceremony (which my kids sat through amazingly well, shocker!) we decided to walk down to Carmine's for some dinner. Chad and I had always wanted to try it out but every time we went the line up was over an hour and a half long. I guess that's what we get for thinking we could get in before a Broadway show. Well, today we knew it would be our only chance to try again as we would be leaving Manhattan in a few days. Thank goodness it was mid day as we got right in and oh boy--it was so yummy! So it was a nice ending to an eventful day! Really what could be better than NO more school and DELICIOUS food!

Our friends for the past four years!
At School AKA "The Mormons".


Jess said...

Hooray for being done!
PS. Naomi, you look super hot. Love that dress.

mistieleigh said...

WOW!!! CONGRATS to the Chad and the entire family for making it to the end!! And funny that Jessica said that b/c i was going to comment on the hot dress as well!!! Shows off that little itty bitty figure of yours. Oooohhhh!!!! btw- i am going to call you right now!! hopefully you are avail...kind of nice we aer in the same time zone now! talk to you soon (hopefully)

Nathan said...

Congrats to you all... Chad, you're an inspiration.