Friday, July 11, 2008

This SYTYCD solo was absolutely INSANE!

I thought Twitch's solo performance to try and stay in the competition was CRAZY! Because of Youtube's quality it's hard to see how intricate his moves are but he definately went all out as you can see by how winded he is at the end of it.


Maile said...

Yeah, this was absolutely incredible!! I think this is the best anyone has done at dancing for their lives this whole season. I was hoping they'd let Jessica go just for how lame her solo was - I kept thinking she was going to lose something out of the top of her dress the whole time.

Zim Family said...

I love all your updates on this show. You are awesome! I have never seen the show completely, but I did watch the last 10 minutes that night and saw that guy. Holy amazing. I mean...I can totally move like that.