Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not 2 Celebrities BUT 4!

Well, actually it would be 6 if you count Regis and Kelly. So my sister, Shaneen, and I had tickets to go and see "Live with Regis and Kelly" last week and it was really fun. We were able to see Kyra Sedgwick and Bernadette Peters.

During commercial breaks Regis and Kelly instead of just sitting in their chairs waiting for their que they would actually come up into the crowd and shake hands, tell jokes, and just have a conversation with us. I thought that was pretty cool that they did that. I couldn't believe just how tiny Kelly was and talk about ripped. I swear, she spends 5 hours at the gym each day. When the taping was finished Gellman announced that we were going to have a celebrity surprise. So really, what happened was that the next day was their High Heelathon and they would be spending most of their air time in Central park. Because of this they needed to pretape their celebrities and pretend that the next day they were actually speaking to them but really they were driving to Central park for the race. Heck, we didn't mind! That meant two more celebrities for us! So we got to see Brendan Fraser and Benjamin Bratt.

After that we then did a pretaping of the first 15 minutes of August 18th's show where they talk about things going on in the world and do their trivia and trip giveaway. They never did tell us why they did that. Anyhoo, we came home and the kids were so excited because they had seen us on tv! Here's a few pictures I took while we were there. Sorry if some are blurry. It was really hard to get a good picture when I zoomed in as much as I did.


mistieleigh said...

Wow!! Talk about starsightings...and all in one place!! I am jealous. You know you wished you were the dancing flower like me!!! Oh, that was so fun!

Naomi said...

Flower, maybe. But go go dancer with a bikini on and shown on national television. Definately NOT! I did think of you, Mistie, when all that go go stuff was going on and wishing I had put my tv to record when you had been on the show.