Friday, July 25, 2008

Crazy Love! Yup, another post for SYTYCD!

With family and friends here the past month I've missed so much of my "So You Think You Can Dance"! Thank goodness I was able to see the results show so I could at least catch a few of the snippets of replays that they show of each of the dances. So that led me to youtube to see if I could find the entire dances. I saw a snippet of Katee and Twitch dancing contemporary on the results show and had to find it. Boy, was I NOT disappointed! I absolutely loved it! My favorite part is when the banging on the door stops for a moment and Twitch thinks Katee has left. He opens the door only to find her completely hanging onto it! I wouldn't be surprised if these two were still standing at the final 3 or 4!


Emily said...

Okay, I should never be a dancer cause I watched this show the other night and I totally didn't get it. I do acknowledge that it must take talent, but I guess I just don't appreciate modern dance. Now if they were country dancing, that I would get...yes I used to be pretty good back in my college days. Go ahead, laugh away. :)

liz s said...

don't tell anyone but freaking love this show, honest.


Naomi said...

I have another guy friend who is crazy about the show and to prove it he just named his brand new baby girl phoenix kherington.