Thursday, March 26, 2009

Half Marathon - WEEK EIGHT in Review

So sorry! I’m really late in posting this. Our lovely internet has been acting up a lot this week and I’m so ready to give it a good kick! But then again, I better be nice as I have no idea what I would do without it! I don’t have too much to say except for the long run this week, EIGHT STINKIN’ MILES, was harsh! That has got to be one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a very long time. Not only did I have to do it myself but I had no music, nothing! So I found myself saying with every step, “You can do this! You can do this!” Well, that got old really fast but I am proud to announce that I DID IT! So after that run it leads me to think, am I really ready for 13.1 miles? Only time will tell I guess. But one crucial thing I did learn on my long run day. Don’t stop, no matter what!!!! When I finished my legs could barely move. Hmmmm, what have I got myself into?! Anyhoo, it’s a RESULTS Week! It looks like I’ve hit a plateau as far as losing inches around the waist and hips but holy bust! Looks like my body decided it all needed to come from there this time around! I actually don’t mind it but on the other hand, Chad not so much! LOL.


Treadmill – 4.5 Miles
Treadmill Full Incline – 2 Miles
Arm Strength – 15 minutes
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) – 7

Treadmill – 3 Miles
Cardio Fusion Workout - 55 minutes
Arm Strength – 15 minutes
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) - 8

Treadmill Full Incline – 3 Miles
Cardio Challenge Workout – 50 minutes
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) - 9

Treadmill – 4.5 Miles
Treadmill Full Incline – 2.5 Miles
Arm Strength – 15 minutes
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) - 7

Outside Run – 8 Miles
Water Consumed (8oz. glasses) - 6

WEIGHT – 15 lbs.
ARMS – 1 ½ inches each
HIPS – 3 ½ inches
WAIST – 6 inches
THIGHS – 1 ¾ inches each
BUST – 3 inches


Lulu said...

That's awesome that you did the 8 miles! You're my inspiration.
And I'm sure Chad isn't too happy about the bust thing. Maybe it should have transferred to
Great Job!

Maile said...

I am seriously impressed that you ran 8 miles alone! I'm pretty sure the longest I've ever run was about 6 miles and that was years ago - the only reason I survived was because I was with some others from my study abroad group and I didn't want to be stranded somewhere alone in a big city in China. :)

Louie said...

Hi Naomi! You probably don't remember me - I'm Rachelle's sister, Chrissy ;*) Enjoyed your blog!

Jess said...

So I think you need to buy yourself a fabulous new dress and post a picture of your hot, healthy bod...