Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Half Marathon - WEEK SEVEN in Review

Since my post is a little late and I’m sure some of you are getting bored of my reports, I’ll keep it short and just list off what I accomplished this past week. It may sound weird but doing this has really helped me to stick with it. Knowing that I will be reporting it on our blog pushes me to make sure I better have something to report! LOL.

Treadmill – 4.5 Miles
Step Aerobics Workout – 55 minutes
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) - 6

Treadmill – 4.25 Miles
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) – 8

Treadmill – 3 Miles
Treadmill Full Incline – 1.5 Miles
Cardio Fusion Workout - 55 minutes
Arm Strength – 15 minutes
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) - 10

Treadmill Full Incline – 3 Miles
Water Consumed (8 oz. glasses) - 8


Outside Run – 7 Miles
Water Consumed (8oz. glasses) - 7


Shaneen said...

I can't believe your into week SEVEN! That's almost two months! Keep it up Sis! You're doing AWESOME!

Debbie Jo said...

I never grow tired of your updates! I love seeing the progress in you! keep up the wonderful work. I wanna see some before and after photos! :D