Friday, March 20, 2009

I Welcome McDonalds with Open Arms

My kids love McDonalds. Really, what kid doesn't? Lately with my living healthier kick I've been scared to even drive by McDonalds knowing that my kids will start chanting "Let's eat at McDonalds! Let's eat at McDonalds!" and usually I end up caving. It's just easier if I avoid the place at all cost to keep my healthy eating on track. Once I walk in those doors and smell the french fries and then I'm bombarded with the choice of which greasy burger do I want today, well, it's just too tempting! So the reason for this post is that about a month ago I decided to try one of their salads.

I ordered their grilled chicken Southwest Salad and let me tell you I am definately opening my arms to McDonalds again! This salad is so yummy, tasty and guilt-free. I am no longer frowning when my kids are chanting for their McDonalds. Instead I find myself joining in with them! Silly post I know. Just wanted to give a plug for McDonald's since I just had their salad for lunch today and would have it again in a heartbeat for dinner.


Nathan said...

Hey, even though it kicked my but, I made it through my first week. Apart from the motivation to get started training in the first place, today was the hardest day to get out and going. I waited until the evening, and when I started getting ready, rain started pouring. I made the trek to the gym to try a treadmill out and made my scheduled amount. It's made me realize how tough you are. Good luck next week, and pray for me :-)